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Fire Hollow Farm

Located on beautiful and historic Pisgah Pike in the heart of horse country, our 5th generation farm is buzzing with life! In addition to homeschooling our children on our farm, we raise sheep, goats, chickens, and bees. We have an orchard, a berry patch, and a large family garden. We feel so fortunate to live on our slice of paradise in Woodford County.  



We use organic, no-till growing methods in our large family garden and we grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables. 


Children are more likely to enjoy produce when they are involved in the garden to table process. 


At Fire Hollow Farm, the students will have their hands (and feet if they want!) in the dirt.  They will have opportunities to witness and learn about where their food comes from, along with building foundational knowledge about how to do it themselves.

As children are planting seeds here on the farm, seeds will also be planted within them; seeds that will take root and help them grow into adults who care deeply about agriculture, where their food comes from and for the Earth itself.  



We currently raise egg laying chickens, khatadin hair sheep, nubian goats and honeybees on our farm. We'd love to add more!

Children will learn about how to care for and have compassion for animals. It is our belief that developing a bond with creatures who have no voice during their childhood, will generalize into an ability to speak up for those who have no voice once they are adults.

Our long-term goal is for enrolled families to be able to buy into meat, poultry, egg, and dairy shares. The amount of animals we raise each season will depend on how many families buy in.  

Sarah is also a beekeeper and will eventually offer a hive sponsorship program. Families can sponsor beehives, assist with inspections throughout the season, participate in our annual honey harvest and receive a honey share at the end of the season.  



"Play is often talked about as if it were relief from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood." -- Fred Rogers

During their time at the farm, children will have the opportunities to run across grass pastures, explore inside a honeysuckle forest, prepare mud pies for their friends in the mud kitchen, and work on their balance and coordination in our natural playscape.

We are an interest-led program and the best way to pinpoint those interests is to observe their play and listen to their questions.  Children will always be given ample time to play freely together. This builds community, inspires creativity, builds confidence, improves mental and physical health, reduces stress and anxiety, encourages problem solving, and provides opportunities to socialize. 


Topics of instruction will follow the lead of the children. This will allow the students to learn necessary academic concepts while they are engaged in activities that they find fun and interesting.  

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